#01 about strobotone
Everyone is an eclectist.
Personality is a patchwork of impressions,
experiences and sensations that one integrates on a daily basis
and that makes every single human being unique.
Strobotone makes it a principle of his music in regard to both style and content.
Since his initial contact with synthesizers at the early age of nine,
he has been fascinated by the possibility of adding an individual character
and personality to sounds by modulating different parameters.

Homecomputers like the C64 and the Amiga expanded this freedom and
at the same time offered an ideal creative environment for the release of his first
productions under the handle "xni" in the shape of the early 90's demoscene.
The sample-based approach of genres like Detroit techno,
Chicago House and drum'n'bass continue to be as much of an inspiration to him like the sweaty energy of funk, the fine sophistication of electronica,
the limitless leeway of ambient and the majestic pathos of sci-fi soundtracks.
Strobotone blends all these impressions, experiences and sensations into crisp,
energetic, melodic, tangible and funky pop-tracks that couldn't be any more
eclecticand couldn't care less about the rules of genres.

In all this, his main focus is not on academic reflections or highbrow
experiments with styles but on the human element in electronic music.
Or simply the joy of being alive.

#02 about xni
strobotone is contributing music and graphics as "xni" to the demoscene since 1995 and is a member of the pc and amiga based demogroups "darklite" and "rno".